Lose Your Luggage or Dispenser Key?

Nothing can be worse than losing a key to your luggage, cabinet or a dispenser! More than an inconvenience, with this key lost, you now have to figure out how to get the luggage or cabinet or dispenser open again! Without the key, you risk damaging the luggage, cabinet or dispenser trying to force it open without the key in the lock – or you can try your skills at picking the lock. Let’s face it, these really aren’t very good options.

A better option? How about just buying a replacement key!

You see, that luggage, cabinet or dispenser key (and the accompanying lock) are mass-produced. We know, you like to think that little lock and key were made just for you; but, alas, they were not. Nonetheless, this is actually a good thing for you, given you just lost your key! This means you can buy a replacement key for that suitcase, cabinet or dispenser – and pretty reasonably too. No need to try to pick that lock, or try to force open the unit around the locked lock. This replacement key will allow you to unlock that lock once and for all.

We offer a variety of replacement keys, including luggage, cabinet and dispenser key options, plus equipment keys, clock keys, tractor keys and freezer keys. Our quality replacement keys are economically priced and ready for delivery today. Shop online today!

Not sure which replacement luggage, cabinet, dispenser or freezer key you need? We are happy to help. Just ask us!