Interchangeable Cores?

Do you operate or manage a retail store, commercial office building, apartment building, or small hotel? Do you often need to re-key locks on a moments notice, perhaps on a fairly regular basis? If so, interchangeable cores might be a great cost and time saving solution for you!

In retail, commercial or lodging oriented environments, changing keys and changing locks can be a frequent occurrence. With frequent arrivals and departures, or tenants moving in and moving out, you no doubt have a need to change keys and locks. Without a good solution, you could be burdened with the time and expense for such solutions – not to mention, frustration. And hiring a professional locksmith every time a key or lock needs changing can get costly.

With interchangeable cores, you can change out the entire core of a door lock set using the control key – and you can do this yourself! This solution let’s you be in control of your locks and keys, and make the changes you need, when you need them. You save time – and money – with a solution of interchangeable cores!

Let Historic Lock and Hardware design a solution of interchangeable cores for you! Once in place, you are in control – saving time, money and frustration!

Historic Lock and Hardware has lots of solutions just like this. Put our years of residential and commercial lock and hardware experience to work for you! We are here to help make your life easier. Plus, we sell top-quality commercial door lock sets, commercial door closers, access control, panic bar and exit control lock components. Have questions? Just ask us.