Complete Master Pinning Services for Your Facility

SRS 2185 File Cabinet Lock for HonIf you manage an office building with cabinets and doors (and thus door lock sets), you need the ability to have multiple key sets. The ability to master key or re-key is just what you need.

You could buy all the expensive equipment to master key and re-key your locks yourself, but why. You just need a trusted partner that will provide you inexpensive master pinning services. Someone you can trust to do the job correctly and when you need it done.

Historic Lock and Hardware offers complete master pinning services for your facility. This includes interchangeable cores, cabinet locks and padlocks. You can choose the hardware, have us create the key system, pin the locks, and then install it yourself.

We provide everything you need to get it done. You can buy inexpensive cabinet lock sets right here – for cabinets from Hon, Anderson Hickey, Shaw Walker, Chicago and more. Shop online now for cabinet locks. Plus, Historic Lock and Hardware here to provide you with any advice and consultation you need. Our years of experience can help you get it done right yourself – and for less. Just ask us.