Do You Need A Master Key? Choose Door Lock Sets Wisely!

Arrow MLX Commercial Lock SetDo you have a need for door lock sets that can be master keyed? Master keys are often useful in multi-family housing, hotels/motels/inns, medical facilities, office buildings and the like. If you are changing locks in a building, be careful which door lock sets you choose; not all are capable of supporting master keys. This is particularly true with smart key lock sets.

For example, one of the limitations of Kwikset smart key locks are that they are unable to be master keyed. This makes them unable to be used in multi-family housing or applications where a master key is needed.

Before you buy door lock sets, consider your key usage and choose the lock set that best meets your needs. There are plenty of residential and commercial door lock sets out there to choose from, produced by many quality manufacturers. You might also find that speaking to a lock and key professional might help ensure you identify the right solution.

At Historic Lock and Hardware, we are always happy to help – and we are always here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us online. And when you are ready to buy, know that Historic Lock and Hardware offers the best door lock sets at the very best online prices. Shop online now.