Lost Your Key To Your File Cabinet Lock? We Can Help!

You know you put it somewhere – you just can’t remember where! Isn’t it frustrating?! You’ve even tried the butter knife, a paper clip and your credit card. You still cannot get past that file cabinet lock!

Nothing is more frustrating than having a file cabinet full of important documents, reports and documentation that you simply cannot get into. Not to fear! Historic Lock & Hardware can create keys for many cabinet locks.

Look at the front of your cabinet lock. It will have a code by the key hole; it might be placed horizontally over the key hole, or vertically next to the key hole. You might need to look closely to see it, as it may be small type or faint if on an older cabinet. The only thing we need is the key code found on the face of the file cabinet lock. Once we have this code, we can create a matching key that will once again allow you to open your cabinet. It really is just that easy!

So, if you find yourself locked out of your file cabinet, just contact Historic Lock and Hardware. We can help you open that file cabinet lock again. And, if you find you need a new file cabinet lock, we offer a wide selection at cheap prices on our secure web site. HistoricLockAndHardware.com is where to buy your lock, security and hardware products at inexpensive prices. Shop online today!