Obsolete, Vintage and Antique Lock and Key Parts Online

Historic Lock and Hardware has a large inventory of antique, obsolete and vintage locks, keys and parts. This where to buy old lock and hardware components!

While performing renovations, many of our customers find they want to keep an original door or cabinet; replacing it would perhaps be too costly or otherwise destroy an unusual design piece or antique element. They find they need an exact lock part or key to complete their renovation – and they are unsure where to turn. Their local locksmith said the part was long ago discontinued, or is just too old to mess with.

No need to tear out that unusual door or cabinet just because you cannot find those obsolete or antique lock and key parts online. You can retain that unusual design piece that gives a home or a room unique appeal. You can keep that antique cabinet or door too. Historic Lock and Hardware can help!

Our large inventory of obsolete and antique lock and key parts will help you complete your project successfully – and at comparably inexpensive prices too! Contact us online or by e-mail so we can get an understanding of what you are looking for. You can even e-mail us a photo so we can more closely match your piece. The staff at Historic Lock and Hardware is expert in obsolete, vintage and antique lock and key parts. If our large inventory can’t satisfy your specific need, our vast business network of lock and key associates may be able to, and we are happy to help find it for you.